The Seven Stones


This website is now obsolete because I'm working on another game. Game production for The Seven Stones has been halted ever since I began working on Gameover Land at If I were to somehow finish that game and get it all wrapped up, I might consider looking back into The Seven Stones again, although I would most likely re-start the game from scratch due to it's lower quality in mapping and such. I'll probably have Howell approach the story line differently as well.

The Seven Stones was supposed to be based off of events and areas from both of my older, cancelled projects, Hero's Quest and Crossroads.

Hero's Quest was about some random person in Cantan that was supposed to stop a demon from taking over the world. The story line lacked any real detail and the mapping was absolutely horrific because it was my first attempt at a game, filled with all kinds of bugs, so it was cancelled.

Crossroads was similar to Hero's Quest but the areas were completely re-worked to look slightly better; however, I intended for the game to have no actual story, so the player had no direction, only left to to grind and mess around. I thought it would be a cool idea at first, but I later realized that this was not a good approach.

That's when The Seven Stones came into effect. It was going to be a mix of both worlds. You would be able to follow the story line, attempting to stop Mr.Random from collecting all the chaos stones while still being able to explore a little bit and do things on your own time like leveling, smithing armor and weapons, creating potions and whatever else.

I really like the idea of this, which is why I'm holding it off for now rather than actually canceling it. For now, you can check out Gameover Land, which is solely a story line based game, although there will be some side quests and tasks that you can participate in that will benefit you throughout the game. Hopefully, if I'm able to get it done, I will have more practice with RMXP and If I ever do come back to The Seven Stones, it would be a much higher quality of a game.